All Works

Alvin Villaruel

Green Viral Trend III, 2021

Nicole Tee

Baby Mountains and Landscape Blankets (Annatto), 2021

Bad Student

Overlook Hotel Interior, 2020

Renz Baluyot

Cradled by Conflict, 2020

Alvin Villaruel

Untitled, 2020

Alvin Villaruel

Brewing Night, 2020

Hamilton Sulit

The Betrayal of Instinct, 2019

Ev Yu

Series of Occupied Wombs 4, 2019

Ev Yu

Series of Occupied Wombs 3, 2019

Gerry Baguio

Speaking of Now, 2019

Francis Bejar

For What Matters Most, 2018

Froilan Calayag

The First Boy who Played in the Moon, 2018

Jel Suarez

Partial Discontinuities, 2018

Julio Austria

Lifeguard, 2017

Beejay Esber

05, 2017

Wesley Valenzuela

Enlightenment and the Burden of Date, 2017

Ferdz Valencia

A Wager on Sacred Tongues and Sweet Nothings, 2016

Froilan Calayag

Wood Species, 2015

Renz Baluyot

Cultures (Experiment I, Set 2), 2015

Joven Alcala

Looking At, 2015

Marija Vicente

Towel of Bakka, 2012