Alternative Fallacies

Bernardo Pacquing, Jonathan Olazo and 4 others

August 16 - September 15, 2018

In the exhibition “Alternative Fallacies,” each participating artist remains true in his dialogue with painting and its obligatory and peripheral narratives.

Drawing Abundance

Katrina Bello

August 16 - September 15, 2018

Katrina unveils for us that breadth between the fathomable and the infinite, between being immersed in it or holding it gently in one’s hand, and between something that evokes fear and something that feels precious and fragile.

Image May Contain

Isabel Santos

August 16 - September 15, 2018


A Glimpse of A Field

Nicole Tee

August 16 - September 15, 2018

In A Glimpse of A Field, Nicole Tee presents a seemingly panoramic view of a field of monochromatic whiteness. Its horizontality suggests a fragment of infinity, a snapshot of an endlessness beyond the frame.



Ryan Rubio


Stone, metal Variable 2017

Clairelynn Uy

In Yellow (Throwback Series)

Oil and acrylic on canvas 24 x 18 inches 2017