Past Simple, Future Perfect

Kitty Kaburo

February 29 - March 30, 2024


Kitty Kaburo’s latest set of works imagines the challenges of textual languages translated into visuals that, as a language itself, nonetheless can still be fraught with miscommunication and uncertainty. Building on the earlier trajectory of her past works, where time acts as a catalyst to form both new textures and eerily familiar shapes, the character of peeling layers and frozen transitions are exposed as alternatives to the sameness, sleekness and perfection of both tradition and modernity. Hence, past, present and future all clash and meld, at once becoming material and rendered immaterial. Imagery from era-displaced memories and voided predictions co-exist in a world of temporal intricacies, reminiscent prophecies and a present that is both a subjective gift and curse, mirroring our own biased histories, confused present, and branching futures.