To Scale

Don Dalmacio, Francis Bejar, Gino Bueza, Marija Vicente, Neil dela Cruz, Nicole Tee

December 4, 2019 - January 4, 2020


To Scale brings together six of West Gallery’s favorite young artists in a show that seeks to highlight the ethos of their work, tied together by one physical element: size. Through a very brief brief (that is, to make one large-scale work), the gallery’s main space is populated by six different expressions, brought together in a strange dinner party that is, at once, melancholic and exuberant.

Ranging from figurative work, such as Marija Vicente’s somber and otherworldly surveillance of a wake or Nicole Tee’s quiet and multidimensional capture of a landscape, to amalgamations of shapes and scenes in paintings by Gino Bueza, Don Dalmacio and Neil DC, and even reconstitutions made from familiar scenes imbued with discord and a quiet violence such as Francis Bejar’s installation-assemblage.

These six pieces converse with each other in an unlikely and exciting ways, each an echo of every artist’s preoccupations and processes. Specific limitations may create work that is surprising, but so does a wide range and the freedom to say what needs to be said, given the right size and space to do so.