Into the Stormiest Sea

Kim Oliveros

February 18 - March 15, 2015

Gallery 4

Unknown in advance
Lacking regularity
Unclear dimension
Sinking beneath the surface,
Now suspended in vast liquid
Is it a deception or a mere conjuring trick
I can still feel the unattackable slap of the wind,
Unrestrained movement of water lapping at my feet

Was it disturbance that brought me here
Grief that gathered my thoughts
Am I having dementia that I just died and was reborn
How can I not know?
The vortex of devastation,
That calmness brings agitation,
Moist yet desiccated

The compass of limitation,
Loosening my grip
Grasping a word for it—seized

Is it the tempest swept over the islands
Or the enigma that I am going through right now.

But I want a perfect view
A panoramic sight