Still Life

Neil Pasilan

June 5 - June 28, 2014

Gallery 3

Artist Neil Pasilan continues to find inspiration from daily life, transforming everyday encounters into romantic imagery in his latest one-man exhibit, titled Still Life.

Pasilan’s subjects are not strictly inanimate objects as the title might suggest, but they are mostly people who made an impact in his life. There is “Sumpaan,” in which a couple is exchanging wedding vows while submerged in water. It was loosely inspired by an actual wedding that was held when super-typhoon Yolanda hit the Visayas region late last year. In the background are shanties commonly seen near coastal areas, where waters rise every time there is a huge storm. “Family Bonding” recalls Pasilan’s fondness for his family, while “Dog in the Backyard” and “Bird in the Rainy Season” reveal the artist’s strong affection for animals. “Maliwanag ang Puso at Isipan” depicts a person’s clarity of mind and heart. His heart is literally glowing, and he has a lit candle on his head, symbolizing enlightenment. For Pasilan, this is what having a “still life” is all about, a serene disposition that is free from doubt and negativity.

Making this series of works special is Pasilan’s brilliant use of wax to add more drama to his composition. Wax is not an easy material to work with, as it requires control and just the right melting temperature to deliver desired effects. Pasilan rises to the challenge, and vows to explore it even further in future works.