each (one of us is a) story

Bert Antonio

August 10 - September 9, 2023


each (one of us is a) story

here is a story that goes

“once upon a time…”

yet it starts not

at our birth nor

way before air

hits our lungs & we cry

out loud to be heard

as if no one else has before

nor nobody else will after


a son or daughter

a brother or sister

a husband or wife

a father or mother

all of the above & more

part of a family

immediate & extended

given & chosen


each choice that we make

all the ones made for us

woven together


a noose or a tether

depending on an outcome

on any claim of what is to be

or becomes our story


our tale may unfold quietly

order in chronology or rhythmically

according to tradition & society

or one conducted adventurously

with less caution more curiosity

belief tucked in luck

even fate or a destiny


“& in the end…”

will there ever really be one?

& i ask simply because

how can it all possibly end

with the earthly life we’ve had?

a part of each story’s past,

& present, & forward




for shel & judy gordon

for tita menchu mesina

for julie fukuda

for robert millet

for larry & ann oster