Ngayon at Noon. Noon at Ngayon.

Neil Pasilan

July 19 - August 6, 2012

Gallery 4

Artist Neil Pasilan is most at ease when he is being true to himself as an artist; his works mirroring what he deems important outside of painting. Thus, in Ngayon at Noon, Noon at Ngayon, his latest one-man exhibit at West Gallery, he paints about the most valuable people in his life, his family and closest friends. Pasilan keeps the subjects of his acrylic paintings and drawings simple, from husbands and wives to parents and children, all making a commitment to stay together despite the conflicts and the challenges that come their way. “Madre de Pamilya” is one example. It is inspired by Pasilan’s mother, who single-handedly raised her children after her husband died at an early age. Then, there is “Mag-asawang Habang-buhay,” in which Pasilan emphasizes the bond and commitment that keeps a husband and wife together. These wall-mounted works are further accented with terra cotta sculptures, which, Pasilan believes, are a reflection of each other. Pasilan, who did not get any formal arts education, was introduced to art through sculpture, so it is just fitting that he gives it as much focus as he does with painting, especially after discovering he can do much more than just figurative pieces yet still convey just as much emotion, as he does in “Busong.” And his commitment to art goes beyond the time he spends painting or sculpting alone in his studio. He wants his works to become extensions of his willingness to share what he knows and learns from the practice of such creative disciplines. He is most fulfilled when he can share his sculpting skills with people who may not otherwise get into it at all. That is why he enjoys talking to people, artists and non-artists alike, to get their perspectives on art and life, just as much as he enjoys pursuing his craft and discovering what he wants to accomplish along the way.