Everything's Fine Absolutely Nothing to Worry About

Edric Go

July 12 - August 11, 2018

Gallery 2

Page 1

Establishing a shot of a small multi-unit residential building along España, Manila, midnight, architecture resembles Spanish colonial art deco, the year was 1981.

Panel 1

Kriselle: But what for?!

Edmundo: I have seen the beginning of everything and witnessed the end…,nothing no longer excites me.

Kriselle:Weh, I know you get excited! I’ve seen you excited.

Panel 2

Kriselle puts her foot in between Edmundo’s legs

Panel 3

Edmundo smiles and starts to give Char.2 a foot massage.

Edmundo: Everything’s fine absolutely nothing to worry about.

Panel 4

Edmundo and Kriselle fuck each other like there is no tomorrow.

Edmundo: I will remember this forever.

Panel 5

Edmundo walks to the bathroom.

Panel 6

Kriselle checks on empty bathroom.

Page 2

Panel 1

2018, Full body shot of Edmundo attending a funeral.


I should not be here…

Panel 2

Edmundo standing in front of casket.


But I wanted to remember her this way. There is no loss, no grief, all is well. The world and all life will run its course and she played her part.

Panel 3

Close-up angle of Edmundo.


We all played our parts.

Page 3

Sunset shot in a beach, supposedly the last sunset on earth, this was the most beautiful sunset one could ever imagine.


I’m done. Asking the universe if this is my gift or curse.

Page 4

Establishing a shot from outer space, the sun slowly dies into total darkness.

Caption on last panel

… just searching for the perfect day.

Words by Bjorn Calleja