Du Paint

Reg Yuson

October 14 - November 6, 2010

Gallery 1

In August, sculptor Reg Yuson explored the possibilities of presenting highly polished black, blob-like forms to reflect anything and everything around it in an exhibit titled R. Muck. “It did not represent anything and you don’t know if the form is emerging or dissolving from the ground,” Yuson recalls. For Du Paint, which runs at West Gallery from October 12 to November 6, Yuson decides to paint these forms in primary and secondary colors – “like M&M’s on the floor.”

Yuson continues, “It is as if to suggest that paint is coming alive, again either seen as paint emerging or dissolving from the ground.” To complement these colorful blobs, Yuson will be adding colorful blotches on the walls. “I have been using fiberglass and automobile paint as far as I can remember because I am into cars. But this is the first time I thought of the idea to use paint as the material and the focal concept of the exhibition itself. I’ve always liked the idea of letting paint ‘paint’ itself, true to its form and quality as a material.”

Du Paint, which was derived from the automobile paint brand Yuson prefers to use for his sculptures, aims to provide viewers some form of relief from the visual bombardment occupying their surroundings by trying to focus on the purity of color. Yuson adds that R. Muck and Du Paint are related in many ways, but suggests that the intent is a little different. Du Paint does not only redefine our experience of space, as Yuson initially introduced in R. Muck, but also treats our senses to the interplay of various hues.