Dear Father, Show Me The Stars. Dear Mother, Show Me How Far.

Costantino Zicarelli

September 28 - October 22, 2016

Gallery 2


Costantino Zicarelli does not put much stock in astrology. But with every solo exhibition, the self-critical perfectionism that may be attributed to his Virgo nature is apparent. In DEAR FATHER, SHOW ME THE STARS. DEAR MOTHER, SHOW ME HOW FAR., Zicarelli composes another iteration of graphite work, sculptural installation, and silkscreened gold-leaf, at first in a vacuum, theoretically, before continuing in one of the West Gallery’s rooms, adding and subtracting pieces to the last minute until the varying dimensions occupied by the work satisfy the varying dimensions of the artist’s ambition.

It is to Zicarelli’s credit that the hubris of mounting concurrent exhibitions (with his most recent one still ongoing at a different gallery) does not dilute his efforts. In fact, one might see it as adding exponential gravitas to each work, a compounding of unintended meanings and coincidental relationships between pieces completed years back and pieces whose proverbial (and perhaps literal) varnish is yet to dry.

DEAR FATHER, SHOW ME THE STARS. DEAR MOTHER, SHOW ME HOW FAR. shows Zicarelli confronting the idea of one’s existence as temporary. Working with delicate gold-leaf, collaborating with his mother and father– the artist becomes ephemeral, his medium decades, kilometers.

Ilagan City is approximately 441km from where you are standing, reading these exhibition notes in the gallery.

Costantino Zicarelli was born to Zenaida Ballesteros Marquez and Angelo Minocchio Zicarelli on September 15th, 1984.

DEAR FATHER, SHOW ME THE STARS. DEAR MOTHER, SHOW ME HOW FAR. is on exhibition at West Gallery from September 28 – October 22