Confessions of an Almost Artist

Bjorn Calleja

January 31 - February 18, 2013

Gallery 2

In Confessions of an Almost Artist, Bjorn Calleja presents his latest works, but leaves it to the viewers to see for themselves what he is trying to convey. For him, fully disclosing the context of the exhibit will defeat the purpose of the concept, so he wants to give viewers the leeway to see them in the context of their own experiences.

For Calleja, each exhibit is different, and it is always a new experience that allows him to play around his chosen medium and concept. “I am always looking forward to the ways I can surprise myself with art that I am able to produce,” says Calleja, who does not want to confine himself to one style or approach. He plays it by ear, opting to keep his audience guessing.

Confessions of an Almost Artist revolves around the artworks themselves, adds Calleja, seemingly refusing to definitively identify himself as an artist in this exhibit. With the hanged paintings serving as the medium, the man behind such pieces virtually disappear in the shadows, emphasizing that it is not much about the creator as it is about the end-product and its impact on the viewer.