Theatre of Reveries

Jon Jaylo

June 22 - July 17, 2010

Gallery 3-4

Jon Jaylo welcomes his audience to the chimerical world of dreams in Theatre of Reveries. According to the artist, his keen interest in dreams and visions had always been the core subject of his consistent surreal masterpieces. With his new anthology of works, the artist delves traverses deep into an unknown place of the unconscious, where places of love, death, and choices take illusory forms. He steals his audience from the taut clutches of reality, just like in a real theatre play, and gives them a glimpse of the dream world, a place that’s so far in terms of visual judgment, but somehow feels so near to the spectator’s heart. His latest batch of paintings still contain an enigma of sorts, and is ever reminiscent with the artist’s use of varying shades of blue and green. The artist stretches beyond the possibilities of things and plunges his strange characters into impossible situations and dreamscapes far from human conception.