Real Eyes Realize Real Lies


April 4 - May 4, 2019

Gallery 3

Through a new body of work, Lindslee presents his personal commentary on the different perspectives that surround the art world and Philippine society at large, often turning traditionally held beliefs on their head through humor and shifts in one’s gaze. Real Eyes Realize Real Lies is a collection of paintings, sculptures, and installation work that attempts to provide a different take on scenes that are typically associated with adversity and poverty, usually thought of in a negative light. In this show, Lindslee injects these ideas with a strain of positive energy through humor, in search of the perspective that challenges the negative aspects of these beliefs.


The work is strongly reactionary, with the pieces borne out of scenes and observations that Lindslee has culled from everyday life. Rather than giving into the negativity held by these situations and playing up these perspectives, he aims towards a reinvention through creation — an experimentation and incorporation of all the different stimuli and processes he encounters in daily life. The materials used in his work are recognizable and ubiquitous: the presence of humanity and the environment within which they move and continuously affect.


Through Real Eyes, Lindslee creates lighthearted pieces to create discussion surrounding societal reality and lies, a reflection of “the best and worst of the human spirit,” and asking whether the truths we encounter are simply things that we have been taught to accept as such. The result is a question, rather than an answer; a slight and playful teasing, rather than a critique.