Raw Material

Soler Santos

December 4, 2019 - January 4, 2020


In Raw Material, Soler gathers imagery from his personal encounters and filters them through his own particular lens. Though not veering far away from the material that started and pervaded his decades-long art practice, the four pieces that constitute this new body of work show that there is an infinite number of iterations that are possible from ubiquitous figures that infiltrate our consciousness daily. Despite this fixation on lackluster objects, there is a heightened sense of wonder imbued in his work. It could, however, also be said that it is because of these everyday views — a wayward twig or branch, a pile of fallen leaves, the textures seen in pavements and city buildings — that lends a certain magic to his process. Soler’s work moves you to look at these isolated objects, often forgotten, and see them in a different way. There is much to be celebrated about the way the light hits a certain surface during a specific part of the day, and through his paintings, whether big or small, there is a nudge to find those quiet moments where you lose yourself in the space that you inhabit.