Man/Woman Show

Lena Cobangbang, Mike Crisostomo

July 8 - August 8, 2015

Gallery 1

Man and woman share a small space and fill it with landscapes, stars, outer space, lightning, ocean, liquids, explosions, animals, home appliance, underwear, vibrators, dildos, and nothing. This is Mike Crisostomo’s and Lena Cobangbang’s painting show and video exhibition, Man/Woman.

Mike and Lena decided to put their individual works together to deconstruct their individual working process in contrast to their work as a collaborative duo in The Weather Bureau. As the weather bureau, they have explored ephemeral architecture. In this two-man/woman show, they have created an atmosphere, an intangible infrastructure.

Nature is seen as romantic, practical, disgusting, alluring, mysterious, and boring. Sex has gone through a revolution, counter-revolution, post-revolution, meta-revolution, un-revolution and on and on. The domestic is now a site for wild thinking and nature tripping. The individual is once again tempted by the unknown and alone in the depth.

-Masi Oliveria