is without was

Koki Lxx

August 5 - September 5, 2021


what began in 2019 as a project to recreate an entire calendar year through found objects quickly evolved into a year-long effort to both document and survive a year like no other in this generation has seen: 2020.

it was a turning point for humanity, as the way we have lived comfortably was pulled out from underneath us.

after many lockdowns, unclear rules and requirements, we have lived through a “new normal”, yet as these restrictions loosen up and vaccinations are carried out, more and more people seem to revert to the “old normal” without question.

the exhibition presents a memory, what can be seen is documentation. from olden calendar curiousities to glimpses of the past from the lens of today, it is a collection of collected dates — all in the past of what used to be a future. somehow humanity tends to forget its lessons, and the present become a self-perpetuating vicious circle.

the present without the past. is without was.