Out of Focus

Fernan Escora

January 19 - February 6, 2010

Gallery 3

Artist Fernan Escora sticks with tackling social issues in his new exhibit, titled Out of Focus. “Every time you read the papers or watch the news, there are always new issues that we have to deal with,” notes Escora on the many headline-grabbing problems plaguing our society today that inspired his latest series of works. He adds that all his exhibits are related; he just introduces new elements to fit his theme, and uses recurring ones to make all the pieces appear as one large work. In the 2 x 4 ft piece titled “Out of Focus,” he concentrates on overlapping eyes as a major element in the composition, along with human figures and clouds. “Eyes can see things. Without it, it is not easy to recognize anything. It also helps you focus, or keep you out of focus [if you choose to stay out of focus].” Escora continues, “An artist can use any medium he wants. He can play with it, improve on it, or experiment with it. At the end, what is important is the product of his work…The artist should not limit himself to one medium, nor conform to any standard medium. What matters is being able to think and create according what he believes is important and sensible.”