Tanya Villanueva

August 18 - September 10, 2011

Gallery 4

Tanya Villanueva’s Fiction, in which the artist examines images that catch her attention. These range from instantly likeable images she finds on the Internet to what she considers grand gestures like love, death, sex, and triumph. Inspired by the idea that images are alive because you want something from it and it wants something from you, Villanueva produced three works that are odes to imagery and its claim to being a live entity. “I made it palpable and true to its material, I made it dead and pretty, and I made it grand and holy like an apparition after death – a true transformative moment.” Then she asks, “Will these things endure? Will you be able to disengage from your notions of what’s a work of art and applaud and believe it for a while?”

“In a way I would want to share my story without telling it, somehow passing it on without affecting the receiver. Telling keeps things moving. And really, I’m telling my story here. I just glazed it over with gradiated backgrounds and special effects.”