Dissecting Air

JC Jacinto, Jonas Eslao, Renz Baluyot, Zean Cabangis

June 6 - June 24, 2013

Gallery 1

In Dissecting Air, Renz Baluyot, Zean Cabangis, Jonas Eslao, and JC Jacinto examine the structures of their own art making process for the purpose of revealing, identifying, and explaining their own reasons in creating something out of their broad imagination. Each artist deconstructs his own process, exploring possible reasons behind one’s choice in imagery. While he might not be completely aware of his objectives, the audience may take comfort in the meaning or message conveyed through his works. Baluyot, Cabangis, Eslao and Jacinto all agree that such self-exploration and realization as a result of taking apart the pieces of their ideas and mental imagery, which is done in the context of studying the relation of the parts or in the attempt to come up with a coherent idea, both lead to nothing and everything.