Francis Bejar

March 23 - April 22, 2023




The bathroom is a personal space, to some, sacred. This may be why we also call it comfort room. It is a space where we flush out human waste and excess liquids, and occasionally, release emotional baggage. This holds true especially for me. It is where I can freely breakdown, cry, and remove all toxins I have consumed.


For the rest of us, this is a place where we take a bath, brush our teeth and mechanically perform personal hygiene. And by doing so, we unconsciously allow recurring thoughts or new ideas to transpire.


This is where I constantly pass out.


Time and again, without fail, I come out of the comfort room alive, upright, still breathing.


In the repeated flushing, I am born again. In the continuous attempt of finding purpose thru creating art, I am saved. And this time, the favor will be returned.


Bej, Bath and Beyond is an autobiographical art exhibit depicting both my struggle as an artist and in life. This collection is a retrospect of my progress and presence — a condemnation of old toxic habits, a tribute of how far I have survived, and a celebration of change.