The Beauty and the Truth

Ryan Rubio

June 25 - July 25, 2020


Inspired by Ryan Rubio’s everyday life, The Beauty and the Truth is a collection of sculptures and paintings created by the artist, gleaned from his personal experiences. Each work responds to a particular thought or feeling:

“Quietly Come, Quietly Go” follows what Rubio believes to be the law of nature, and the relationship between what we put forth in the world and what we get back in return. 

“Everything We Do is a Mirror” reflects on the value of being real, where our actions reveal our “true-self,” more than words or intention.

“A Gift” was created to celebrate his daughter, which Rubio considers “one of the best gifts I’ve received from God.”

“God Takes the Soul, Death Takes the Body, Heart Keeps the Love” represents, quite literally, views that Rubio holds close, a meditation on the afterlife, where the body perishes, but leaves behind the love spent and expressed, which “remains in the hearts of those whom we [leave] behind,” and the soul “will be taken back by God who is responsible for [the] afterlife.”

Rubio’s sculptures are crafted by stone and metal, amorphous and fluid figures that challenge the notion of denser and more solid structures. Although these pieces are made of heavier materials, they give off a sense of flow and lightness.

Coupled with these sculptures are two oil on paper paintings, “Waiting Shed #1” and “Waiting Shed #2,” which is a portrait of cockfighters waiting in the shed, holding their roosters, which is a regular sight on Sundays in Rubio’s hometown in Bicol.

All these pieces speak to one another and make up the realm of Rubio’s experiences of daily life. Naming this show “The Beauty and the Truth,” he expresses the value he has placed on his experiences, the acceptance of everything that comes his way, whether they are good or bad.

— Carina Santos