Neil dela Cruz

June 22 - July 15, 2017

Gallery 4

SUB takes on a different form every time, and each interpretation varies depending on the prevailing state of mind at the time. The various iterations of everyday living seep into the work and influences the process. Even the prefix Sub undergoes an evolution in its intended meaning:

Will the work be an attempt to get away from the ongoing? We Substitute.  Will the work be an extension of inner workings in contrast to purely external reactions? SUB becomes Subconscious. Is the work an attempt to counter to the loudness of today’s world where everybody has a competing voice? Let’s create a Subculture. Are we using art to let go of limits and allow instincts to take over? We’ll leave it to the Subliminal.

And it’s not limited to the above scenarios. We explore submission, submergence, subversion and other subtexts.

Lastly, SUB is also about being below the surface.  We let the process play itself. Even this explanation is just a byproduct of the present state of mind, and the ideas here can expire and be replaced even before this exhibit starts.