Square Paintings

Soler Santos

January 21 - February 13, 2012

Gallery 2

In his new one-man exhibit at West Gallery, Soler shows that he continues to evolve as an artist – effectively blending his affinity toward natural subjects, sense of design, and instinct for capturing and putting together images in Square Paintings.

Soler admits that at this stage of his career, he wants to explore as many artistic directions as possible without drastically moving away from familiar subjects. So, in the works on view at West Gallery beginning January 21 through February 13, we still see distinctly Soler markings as well as experimental gestures to present a broader palette and a wider visual perspective. There remain hints of leaves and tree branches amid collages in which he draws photo-based images or adds grid patterns.

Soler says it is in continuing to mix things up that keeps him creative and open to endless artistic permutations without completely alienating followers of his works. He knows he has gone full circle in putting nature in the spotlight in his earlier canvases. Now, he possesses the technical mastery and the confidence to step out of that comfort zone. This ongoing search for a fresh approach in every exhibit motivates him to keep looking and to keep trying until all the elements spontaneously fall into place, as they do in Soler’s new collection.