Gary Custodio

June 6 - June 24, 2013

Gallery 4

Gary Custodio revisits his fond memories of Escolta in Remembrance, his second one-man exhibit at West Gallery. His latest set of works in watercolor (“Escolta in My Mind” series) shows how he values what was once such a distinctive location in downtown Manila. Notes Custodio, the images are noticeably lacking in details because they are only based on memory, and not from actual picture references. “I wanted to showcase this experience and share my thoughts on the place.”

To him, it is a special destination that has stood the test of time. It also serves as a remembrance of the past, a center of commerce and entertainment that has since outworn its charm, beauty, and function as similar areas started sprawling in other metropolitan cities. They say a memory is just for the romantics, but to remember the past is a vision for tomorrow, emphasizes Custodio, capturing Escolta in as many perspectives and angles as he can recall.

He hopes viewers, young and old, will be able to relate to the manner he has chosen to represent those memories and ideas in his paintings. He is likewise open to exploring this theme further in the future, though he cannot tell yet if it is going to be in the immediate future. Explains Custodio, “Art, like life, is a learning process. Every day, I learn new things, and, in time, techniques and [means of] presentation may change.”

He is, however, determined to continue what he has started. “I want to learn more, create more art, and share my ideas.”