Purok 3

Rocelie Delfin

April 20 - May 13, 2017

Gallery 5

Purok 3 presents the diverging landscapes of Rocelie Delfin’s journey. She takes from three places she considers home, Ilian in Lanao del Norte; Alfonso, Cavite and the Scout area in Quezon City. She chronicles their natural terrains, their flora, fauna and slopes, reimagining them into abstracted and fearless depictions that show her distinct perspective; The stillness of the ground, the leaves, the birds, and curvatures of the rocks accented with every line and stroke. The rawness of her instinctive style capture both a simplicity and a truthfulness, unbridled by the dictates of academic instruction. Through these quiet drawings, a nostalgic yet unsentimental sense is revealed in each personal rendering of these memories.