Partial Proof

Jacob Lindo

March 8 - March 26, 2012

Gallery 2

Jacob Lindo, in only his second one-man exhibit, titled Partial Proof, dares viewers to solve the mystery behind his new set of works on paper. “The idea is to leave a figure or an image that is, in a way, a piece of evidence or a proof of existence within a given space,” says Lindo. Such visual hints come in the form of collages from cut-outs from old, obsolete, second-hand books and magazines. Lindo exercises his creative license to put certain elements together, and omitting specific parts at the same time to keep viewers guessing, just as they would while watching mystery-driven movies. By doing so, he encourages viewers to go beyond just seeing the works, and play an active role in the process of appreciating what he has done through the fragments and clues he leaves behind. The works may look vague at first, but inviting enough to lure viewers to look closer and deeper into the images. “They are not mere abstractions,” notes Lindo, also an avid sculptor.

Lindo, who studied interior design for two years before shifting to advertising in FEU, loves to explore different materials and images on paper, as he does in Partial Proof. This early, he says he enjoys discovering new ways of doing things and growing as an artist with each piece, which can be very space-specific as well, so he makes sure he is familiar with the layout of the gallery or the space where he intends to mount his work before he executes his ideas.