Panic Buying

Everywhere We Shoot

July 3 - August 2, 2014

Gallery 3

Everywhere We Shoot’s obsession with grocery items continue in their second solo exhibit, Panic Buying!. The exhibit’s theme is inspired by Everywhere We Shoot’s shopping habits as a married couple. While most people panic-buy for security reasons, they fall into the habit when enticed by attractive packaging and ridiculous promos.

If last year’s Foods showcased food in its most awkward glory – stripped bare of artifice and set against a bright backdrop, Panic Buying! reimagines the frenzied atmosphere in a grocery store and the delirious state a shopper gets when exposed to this setting. A series of lightboxes with aluminium lining are put together to mimic a Juice & Dairy section, but a closer look reveals distorted and multiplied packaging labels – an interpretation of the confusion when presented with too many choices. The products that were taken during the hoarding were shaken out of their packaging and haphazardly styled, resulting in a colorful, visually striking mess.

It’s been a yearly tradition for Everywhere We Shoot to release “SuperLimitedEdition” merchandise. This year, they’re launching a special sculpture exclusively for the exhibit: a pile of leftover trash shaped in resin and coated with paint. After all, it’s what Everywhere We Shoot does best – recognizing beauty in the most unlikely objects.