Moments of Silence

Veronica Peralejo

January 17 - February 16, 2019

Gallery 2

A period of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection or meditation. A gesture of respect. A moment of silence is a breather; a pause by demand. A willingness to absorb and release energy.

Is memory a result or a cause for remembering?

This series of small sculptures are like fragments of memories. A photograph, a snap, an instance. Laid out like slides, round like a clock. I want the audience to move through time as it tunnels through space. Some pieces more detailed than others, rendered to a specific scene. Some only suggestive, but are more luring to be felt; like abstract images with concrete emotions. Stripped down, framed to be remembered, often forgotten, but the outlines ingrained in our subconscious.

Silence confronts us with our thoughts. Silence transports us to a different time while being in the present. Silence is a portal, it can engage all senses. It is deafening when heard. Silence should always be heard.