Meet Your Meat

Felix Bacolor

March 2 - March 27, 2010

Gallery 1

While most people go to meat shops for sustenance, Felix Bacolor found a new reason – to create new pieces of art. Meet Your Meat features different cuts of meat and poultry, composed in a way that reflects man’s varied tastes and consumerist behavior, as shown in the 5’ x 7’ work titled “Menu”. Using digital prints (and oil on selected works), Bacolor says it allowed him to capture distinct details quicker and put together a wide array of subjects in less time. Then there is an installation featuring a meat grinder and colorful clay materials shaped as ground meat. Bacolor leaves it to the viewers to interpret his latest body of work, though he hopes that they can appreciate the beauty and the humor he injects in each piece. He is glad that he has had the opportunity again to demonstrate his painting skills in this exhibit, after mounting purely installation works in recent years. “I paint if the idea needs to be painted,” notes Bacolor, also a freelance graphic designer. As he looks forward to mounting more exhibits later in the year, he keeps his “idea” book within reach, making sure that he is jotting down potential subjects that he could further explore creatively.