many further worlds

Is Jumalon

July 6 - August 5, 2023


Into many further worlds


In the beginning, we are confronted with this state—a void settled within undefined parameters. It holds latent potential, poised for something else, some configurations. What has an all-encompassing entity generated in a day? And what else can a finite being, bound by its human condition, make of it?


This sandbox, serving as a conduit to experimental exploration, takes the form of a carefully engineered microcosm, tailored for systematic evaluation, scrutiny, and immersive investigation of its vast dimensions, textural intricacies, and other worldly uncertainties.


The study sets in motion with the undulation of topographic features and the molding of geomorphic plateaus—an inquiry driven by haptic formulation. Steeps, constructed with substance, while ravines are gouged further and continuously excavated, merging structure and formlessness. In this constant interplay, a balance emerges between coherence and chaotic irregularity. And what does an all-knowing force subject them to?


As per a taxonomist, the absence of names results in the loss of knowledge about the very things themselves.


At our very core resides an impulse to unravel the unfamiliar. And we possess the capacity to ascribe names upon the nameless, always discerning and birthing narratives that capture the esoteric and cyclic phenomena. This disposition finds itself in the vast connections of lore and theoretical paradigms, and the wonders of he natural world, encompassing celestial bodies, seasonal fluxes, and the perpetual cycle of life and death.


And so, our interpretations come about, propelled by an intellectual curiosity to fathom and take. We navigate the complexities of this sandbox, interweaving strands of comprehension and forging interconnections within the known and the unknown. We come to the slightest bit of recognition. And we carry on into many further worlds.


Taco Borja