Living Together

Ryan Rubio

June 2 - July 2, 2022



The human-nature relationship is a complicated system. Humans enjoy nature in certain
aspects, but they loathe it in others. Humans, on the other hand, have a tendency to defend
nature and its beauty, to seek refuge in nature, and to explore what nature has to offer. The
prerequisite to stress the need for fairness to nature and other living beings is one of the most
crucial parts of rearticulating human growth. We cannot develop unless we reconnect with
nature and live-in balance, cooperation, and harmony with it. People who are in contact with
nature feel more alive and happier. All human beings require a sense of vigor and well-being for
their survival as well as their health. Thus, it is critical that we all live in harmony with nature for
as long as possible.
Nature is always present in our lives as people. We occasionally engage with it. In terms
of the man-nature interaction, the biosphere is the most important aspect of nature. The thin
layer that surrounds the earth, the soil cover, and any living thing are all included. Humans
cannot live normal lives without nature. To put it another way, man requires nature more than
nature requires him. Humanity cannot exist without nature, but nature can exist without humans.
Man, both defines and is completely reliant on nature. Man has had a significant impact on
nature throughout history. Man controls the course of nature by his activities, whether conscious
or unconscious. In other words, man controls the rate at which nature evolves. Nature and man
are inextricably linked. Man is completely reliant on nature for all of his needs. As a result, he
should stay in touch with nature because he is a part of it.
Since the beginning of time, the man-nature relationship has had its ups and downs.
Despite the complexity of the relationship, numerous examples show that modern man is out of
touch with nature. As a result, humans must think about their relationship with nature,
recognizing that they require nature more than nature requires them. So that the man-nature
relationship can thrive, there should be a global understanding of how humans can effectively
use nature without abusing it.
Nature is adored by humans because it is a part of the human race. Nature is life—it is
THE source of all living beings, and animate beings would not exist without it. Humans adore
nature, whether defending it or simply enjoying it, so why not cherish it?



Ryan P. Rubio