Light Curse

Iya Consorio

August 30 - September 17, 2012

Gallery 1

Sometimes enlightenment would eventually and inevitably turn into a curse. Her drawings are enclosed in a box that reflects an inner light, giving the drawings a lantern-like effect. The whole gallery is submerged in an envelope of darkness, for only in such a darkened place that true light can be seen, like a faint glint of sun deep inside ones heart. According to her, enlightenment does come with a price and is not an easy path. It is a curse in the sense of its recurring side effects, things that you get in return of leaning towards a righteous path. These are the dire, agonizing tradeoffs, because it is a universal rule that in order to get or create something, something must be paid in exchange towards the receiving end of it. And basically, enlightenment is never exempted form this metaphysical reality. It is only gained in exchange of a sacrifice, so much as death gives birth to life and so forth. This is the act of controlling oneself from specific actions, because most of the time it is much more and always easier to let loose than to hold on and survive. So much as a Light Curse to all those who possess it.