The Life Cycle of Penis-Eaters

Dave Lock

August 30 - September 17, 2012

Gallery 3

Dave Lock’s The Life Cycle of Penis-Eaters is all about beauty and the imperfect animals trapped in its own kitchen of doom. His paintings discuss how it evolves or devolves through collective acts of human approval and popular conditioning.The artworks feature portraitures dating far back as the Mona Lisa towards Marilyn Monroe towards the modern suicidal pop-loving beautiful woman. By altering it equal nature into a hierarchy of commercialistic faces, we end up playing with a force that is beyond ourselves. In turn, it becomes a lie. According to the artist however, the real beauty of it is the concept of beauty itself being a lie, because a lie is indiscernible, unreachable and somewhat impossible. These days, he has no idea what is beautiful anymore.