Felix Bacolor

February 16 - March 5, 2012

Gallery 3

Felix Bacolor leaves nothing to waste in his latest one-man exhibit, Leavings, in which he gathers and spontaneously re-assembles discarded materials from an artist’s studio. To an artist like him, the boxes, plastic gloves, paintbrushes, palettes, and even old artworks become the “artifacts” that define one’s commitment to his craft. The exhibit thus gives viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of the artist who used to own the materials, as well as into Bacolor’s frame of mind as he builds and re-builds these objects not just as instruments in the creative process but as the focal point of his work.

In opting to put them together either as wall-mounted, pedestal-mounted or floor-mounted pieces on the spot, Bacolor’s sense of design and over-all creative instincts will dictate the outcome, as he aims to improve on the aesthetics of the pieces. Bacolor likens the process to that of an archaeologist’s job, “excavating an artist’s studio for artifacts that tell the story behind the works.”