Langit Lupa

David Viray

July 20 - August 19, 2017

Gallery 2

Levels of conformity that shaped everyone’s inimitable culture are often depicted in the early stages of learning. In the case of most Filipinos, state and religion is a crucial and substantial touchstone that contributes to an individual’s cultural upbringing.
Introspectively, it is considered as a person’s first sense of community that eventually holds a solid foundation that affects character-building and unconsciously dictates social norms. How you submit yourself to these conformities reflect a better disposition as a citizen and as a social individual.
In Langit Lupa, the artist, David Ryan Viray, exhibits an overview of his influences that shaped him as an individual. The series of images showcased in every artwork is a reminiscent of how state and religion mold his beliefs and preferences. It is a depiction of social and spiritual manifestations of the artist’s character.
The artist used the terms Langit, or heaven, as a representation for the religious teachings and Lupa, or land, for the teachings of the state. Both of which are being used to conform young minds into an “ideal” member of the society.
Langit Lupa is a series of visual narratives that triggers our memories with simple-yet-iconic images in our society. Minimalist in approach, these images are often linked on how we perceive patriotism, as an ideological manifestation of being a Filipino; social status; and religious beliefs. The familiar images remind the spectators of how patriotism, society and religion is installed and dictated in everyone’s character thru daily routines and sceneries.
Born as a Filipino and a catholic, the artist depicts a part of himself, that is conformed by what society dictates about state and religion. Thru his art pieces, he would like to impart those images as a quintessential factor that conformed his ideas that to live a well-driven life, one must yield to what is being imposed by the society.
– Katherine Greta Mendiola