Komakino Days

Andres Barrioquinto

November 28 - December 16, 2013

Gallery 1-4

Steadfast and intuitive, Andres Barrioquinto chooses to mark the end of the year with a breakthrough art show that features his diverse talent in oil and pastel, as well as his oft-forgotten macabre imagination.

After impressing the international art scene with a foray of Japanese inspired paintings, Andres Barrioquinto’s new collection now focuses on somber depictions of subjects that seemingly hide secrets and fears. His new collection exposes the grit of the human persona, the dark side of the human condition, the characters that desperately seek meaning to their existence. Komakino Days is much more a product of instinct and careful retrospection of past experiences and ideas that have helped mold what the artist is today.

So revel in the haunting misery that permeates through these varied works of oil and pastel, for finesse and restraint are simultaneously highlighted and cleverly hidden behind the dark persona in each painting, all of which represent the characters that have touched the artist in real life.

The true intent of the master of the macabre is this: These subjects should haunt you the same way they have haunted him.