Killing Box

Alvin Zafra

March 1 - March 26, 2011

Gallery 2

For his latest series “bullet” portraits, Alvin Zafra wanted to focus on journalists who died while reporting on the irregularities in government and in the society as a whole. To make it happen, he sought the help of the Center for Media Responsibility and Freedom and the slain journalists’ families for reference photographs. Inspired by such bravery and dedication to uncover the truth, Zafra used a live bullet as his drawing implement on large panels of sandpaper. “Killing Box is a reminder of the dangers of the times, and my humble way of giving tribute to these modern heroes.”

While admitting that making portraits of dead people could be depressing, Zafra says he likes working with objects related to death. “I like my audience to experience my process even if it’s already past and gone. The violence behind each work is silenced by the format and systems of art. Killing Box is violence in a capsule, like bullet in a shell…I turn ammunition into art.”