Jazel Kristin

February 16 - March 18, 2023


Humans are naturally social beings and relationships provide us the opportunity to connect with others and share our experiences. However, when relationships become strained, it can be difficult to know how to end them. The phrase “It’s Not You, It’s Me” is often used as a way to part ways, whether as an easy excuse or a genuine attempt to take the blame.


Artist Jazel Kristin explores the ups and downs of love through her latest exhibition, “It’s Not You; It Me”. This personal love story highlights the joy and heartache that come with relationships. To create the mixed media collages, Jazel dug up old photographs, journal entries, flowers, and clothing pieces that documented her memories of past relationships. The collages are assembled in picture frames given to her by friends, adding another layer of memories to the artwork. The exhibition provides a voyeuristic experience, as viewers piece together characters and their stories.


February, being the month of art and love, features Jazel’s 11-year project “It’s Not You, It Me”. The exhibition serves as a tribute to past loves and is a celebration of both the pain and joy that come with relationships. Through her artwork, Jazel showcases her journey of healing and moving on, looking back but ultimately letting go.


Agay Llanera