Dale Erispe

February 23 - March 18, 2017

Gallery 3

Drawing from the dichotomy between feeling and thinking, Dale Erispe composes city scenes to suggest a new kind of human instinct at play in the urban milieu, a response arising from experiences unique to city life. These photorealist renderings of cityscapes highlight the human tendency to adapt to a social environment, and how symbols and cues get absorbed deeply into our consciousness that they become part of our basic instincts. Traffic lights, road barricades and signage, to name but a few, have become part and parcel of everyday life in cities and we respond to them almost intuitively. These features of the urban world represent our active engagement with visual language and the dynamic flow of producing and interpreting signs.

Dale Erispe attended Fine Arts at the Technological University of the Philippines and paints mostly landscapes and urbanscapes to initiate a reflection on man’s place in nature and the implications of his efforts to control and conquer it. He won the Grand Prize in the 2011 Shell National Students Art Competition and Vision Petron National Art Competition.

Curated by Ruel Caasi