Gary Custodio

March 2 - March 27, 2010

Gallery 2

In Impermanent, Gary Custodio shows us how recent natural catastrophes have changed the landscape that we knew. Destructive storms wrought havoc on countless lives and property, and, halfway around the world, the devastating earthquake in Haiti opened everyone’s eyes to the long, difficult, and perhaps even evasive road to recovery. Featured in the exhibit are four 4’ x 4’ works, done in acrylic on canvas, titled “Restart,” “Reminded,” “Reminded Again,” and “Imperfect,” respectively, and two 3’ x 4’ pieces. Though a watercolorist, Custodio chose to paint on canvas for this exhibit. “As much as possible, I wanted to retain the traits of watercolor, such as transparency, in my works.” The paintings are predominantly in bluish gray, earth, and metallic colors to represent earth, wind, fire, and water—elements that alternately give us life and threaten our existence. Custodio describes his works as “abstract visual representations of an aftermath or parts of what a whole used to be.” To him, they serve as reminders “that all things, and even life, are impermanent. They can be destroyed, or vanish in just a blink of an eye.” Hoping to mount an exhibit abroad someday, Custodio says he would likely use the same techniques in future shows, but is open to learning other approaches to show his versatility.