Good Harvest

Jason Moss

October 31 - November 29, 2019


Two decades and a half long into his artistic practice, Jason Moss’ Good Harvest reflects on the artist’s continued exploration of the human condition focusing on apathy, ambiguity and isolation.

Using draped figures in vegetation, derived from the Taong Putik festival in Nueva Ecija, the artist introduces this particular image into reworking his narrative devoid of the artist’s trademark figurations.

The environment presented is humanly familar yet all appear to be draped in vegetation. Rather than functioning as an agricultural ritual, the artist uses the idea of cloaking oneself to emulate ambiguity. We see images from our present everyday life. Images of mourning, faith, and disillusion are now carrier by a different identity: a human-like figure draped in vegetation.

Moss’s current imagery mirrors our current society; to each his own growth, being unrooted, walking amongst others with concealed identities shared in our waking and virtual lives in a less familiar form living in fear and uncertainty.