It's More Fun in the Phileeppines

Romeo Lee

April 26 - May 14, 2012

Gallery 3

Romeo Lee is thrilled at the thought of inviting rock stars to the opening of his latest exhibit of works done in oil on canvas at West Gallery, fully aware that his art, as well as his “punk” lifestyle, knows no boundaries. A confessed part-time artist, Lee’s interests go beyond the realm of visual arts, busying himself with mountaineering activities, bargain-hunting, and concert organizing duties for the most part when he is not prepping up works for an upcoming show. Thus, it is no surprise that the grotesque images occupying his canvases defy definition. Lee himself is not your typical, brooding maestro. A fine arts graduate from the University of the Philippines, he does not hide behind the technical jargon of his craft. Instead, he talks about his approach so casually and with such wit like it is so easy and natural anyone with a paintbrush could do it. But nobody could paint the way he does, and see the world like he does. An avid fan of music (and decades-old audio equipment and other second-hand items), Lee compares painting to writing music and his body of work to a musician’s discography. And as you look at each piece closely, the strokes seem to flow as melodically as if it were the visual soundtrack to Lee’s colorful, eventful life.