fallen out of orbit

Veronica Peralejo

April 20 - May 13, 2017

Gallery 3

Abstract thoughts though at times with unexplainable bearings are the ones that I find ingrained in my subconscious and manifests themselves when I seek inspiration for my works. They are referenced from the mundane, and often mental images from my collective consciousness, taking off from my fascination with details and textures of the landscapes that almost appear unfamiliar. They can be inspired from the yolk in my breakfast egg, to mounds of sand and debris that we see along the road which I associate with a larger planetary terrain. It is through abstraction that I am able to blur these mental images into having alternative meanings.

The exhibition showcases several round paintings suggestive of planets and celestial bodies. There is one sculpture in the exhibition. It is an imagined landscape with a ring of light around it that would suggest an orbit, but instead this orbit is engulfed by the body of the terrain. The imagined engulfed by its new physical truth; the mundane finding it’s own new meaning.

My works are self referential. They are essentially a metaphor to what I think we know or accept to be true. I like to confront the viewers to observe their surroundings with curiosity.