Jon Cuyson

February 16 - March 5, 2012

Gallery 1

The exhibition perceives the city as a resource of fictive narratives, private (hi) stories, dreams and desires, still in the process of recreation and speculation. Through fragmentation, urban and architectural potential is presented as a continuously reconstructed concept negotiated through images, surfaces, ready-made objects and everyday practices that make manifest notions on place, identity and consumption.

The exhibit uses the 1967 French crime film by French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, as the conceptual engine for the development of the “scene” which include objects that allow the intersection of painting, sculpture, photography and scenography. These
transitory expressions of lived experience bear witness to a particular shift in perception that navigates between document and memory, reality and imagination, figuration and abstraction.

The Department of Everyday Productions (DEPT.) was founded in 2010 and aspires to open new perspectives in seeing, acting and
re-thinking the complexities of the everyday.