Destroy Jason Moss Destroy

Jason Moss

August 9 - August 27, 2012

Gallery 4

Touted as the “artist’s artist”, Jason Moss, 36, deconstructs his autobiographical themes from his past shows starting from 1997 to 2011, all of which ranged from sugary to bittersweet personal references, and creates a condensed compendium of work preparing him from this departure.Most of the images are his explorations as an artist departing from introspections and their present surroundings of industrial reality fleeing from all labels not be mistaken as visual reinterpretations.He then embarks us on a summary of “juvenile machinations” hidden in his private theatre of work spanning 19 years of work condensed in quite a few works for this show.”I think this pretty much sums everything up and I’m ready to enter a new stage exploring more significant visual commentaries that communicate and create better with people.”Moss had his first one man show with West Gallery, West Avenue at seventeen years old. An advertising graduate of UST, this is his 25th one man show. His works are exhibited here and abroad.