Beejay Esber

June 22 - July 15, 2017

Gallery 3

Beejay Esber’s most recent body of work deals with the cyclical concept of default living. It discusses the artist’s monotonous routine: wake-eat-paint-music-sleep. In a certain understanding this exercise transforms itself into a paradox, as these automatic activities start to become so repetitive that they begin to become one’s natural state of existence. And when nothing comes into mind this outline subsists first, like a default playlist we play to kill time.

Maybe in this repetitive routine that seeks to murder our individuality a seed of agitation springs forth, in which ironically we find our real selves. That, or at least the purest, most basic version of it, on a primitive hunter-gatherer sense of thinking.

The artist’s new set of works consists of mixed media collages, drawings, and paintings. All the artworks are untitled.


  • Dave Lock