Broke as a Broke Dick Dawg

Carlo Ricafort

June 28 - July 16, 2012

Gallery 3

Carlo Ricafort’s solo exhibition at West Gallery, starting June 28, 2012, features a series of paintings and various works on paper that play on the blurring between abstraction and figuration into a distinctive painterly design, while ruminating on the artist’s abduction by ethno-kitsch that wrangle into episodes of existential tomfoolery, as visual punchlines negating the tired conventions commonly attributed to painting, with the artist ending “Broke as a Broke Dick Dawg.” Hence, in the paintings, icons of Modernist sculpture stand side by side with tribal idols, which capture the mock reality we have of the moment when worlds collide into apocalyptic comedy. Ricafort’s paintings follow a consistency of style that is broken, as fragmentary pictorial consciousness emphasizing the indeterminacy of the painterly process and the contradictions existing within our expansive imagination.