Black Days

Andres Barrioquinto

August 30 - September 17, 2012

Gallery 4

Andres Barrioquinto is currently in an entrapment of the senses, to which he is compelled to reunite with a phase of deep expressionistic anger. In Black Days, the paintings are rendered in emotional brush strokes and covered in deep, thick blotches of paint. In here he abandons the aesthetic rules of proportions and collective beauty, and tries to present a disfigurement of an ugly face–something that was never meant to be pleasant or beautiful. In all aspects it resorts to a strong emotion of truth, wherein the eyes are displaced, scrambling for space and fluidly mixing with the gums. This is basically reality in Barrioquinto’s eyes. The artist says that this phase is not an end of a period but rather a beginning of something, a something that somewhat came from the past, a something that definitely leads to another future.