Beautiful Sunrise to Sunset

Neil Pasilan

June 25 - July 25, 2020


Rising —

slowly, seeping into the sea, an orange river in blue. A perfect sphere illuminating figures in gold, basking at the center of a bright lens, resting on a bed of slats. Luminous, a nimbus floats around deities: Kalikasan, nature both benevolent and strong. It shares light with kinsfolk and community, in picturesque places by the coast. Omnipresent despite the night, God resides in the sun and everything that it touches.

The artist-creator feels a pull to the islands, to radiant memories of home.


in its silent ways. Falling, absolute, immense. Dusk grows closer, in scratches on epoxy, pastel and paint. Pencil marks and thick dabs surround still figures, inconspicuous shadows that loom in the backdrop. They stay at a distance, unlike past pieces, where darkness stood at the forefront.

The sun returns, constant and certain, swearing on another tomorrow.


brims in every spot the light hits. It angles differently than in the city, with a wholly different spectrum. Here, in the skies of Negros, complex colors pour into a cloudless sphere. He looks upwards with faith.

Grounded in the earth, Pasilan offers bounties of the sky.

— Angela Singian